Tips for Men to Look Cool and Buff at the Next Music Festival

man-1246508_640The good thing about going to music festivals is that you can accomplish a lot of things. You can meet your favorite bands and see them perform live. You can also travel to a different place and even have a side trip on your way to the festival. You can also experience sleeping outdoors (that’s if you have not tried it before). Most of all, you can have the chance to meet your special someone.

Take note that these music festivals are not only for lovers. There are groups of friends going there just to have fun. Even those who are single brave the crowd and have fun. They have no one else with them but they are having the times of their lives. If you are heading to these music festivals and you aim to find the perfect one, you have to prepare for it. This is true especially for men.

Try to Lift Some Weights

It would be cool to be buff when you are on a music festival. This is an activity that requires muscular strength and stamina. One way to prepare for it is lifting weights. Who knows? During the festival, you can find a girl and you would have to lift her up while jamming with the band. It would be nice if your body is capable of doing so.

Always smell good

In a music festival where it is overcrowded and people jam with the band, there could be lots of unpleasant smells. Of course, it is a major turn off if you have the worst smell of all. It helps if you take time to shower and clean up before jamming with your band. You should also bring a perfume with you. Place it on a mini container so that you can easily keep it in your pants and use it when necessary.


This might seem like an unlikely advice, but it helps. Even if you think there are women who like rough looking guys, a majority of them still want guys who are clean and fresh looking. It helps if you shave first before heading to the festival. Invest in the best electric shaver in UK and pack it in your bag! You won’t find it difficult to use even if you are in a crowded area.

Just play nice

There are different personalities in a music festival. Some people could be very rude. They won’t mind whether they are stepping on your feet or they make you feel uneasy. In any case, you just have to play it nice and cool. Being rough and rude is a major turn off for some women. You don’t want them to feel that way about you. If there are people who are rude, just let it go and let them be the bad guy.

After the festival, you might find the love of your life. Who knows? You just have to go there and see where it goes. You can only hope for the best.

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Going to a Music Festival? Make Sure You Choose the Right Footwear!

going-to-a-music-festival-make-sure-you-choose-the-right-footwearIt’s time for music festivals where comfort trumps fashion. While the aesthetic appeal is important, bear in mind that functionality and comfort will benefit you more when you start walking around, standing for long hours, and jumping with glee.

When choosing the right footwear for attending a music festival, the first consideration is the location and the weather. You’ll need different footwear for when the festival is indoors or outdoors, and when it’s sunny or rainy.

The second consideration is practicality. Will you be walking from station to station? Will it be held in a large field of grass, a sandy plain, or a muddy slope? You need to choose what not slip off your feet and what would make walking, dancing, standing and stomping all a breeze. If you are flatfooted, a little on the heavy side, or need extra arch support, invest in good shoes for plantar fascitis.

Choosing the Right Footwear for a Music Festival

1. Boots.

Rubber boots go well with anything and are perfect for possibly rainy weather, mud pits, and dusty grounds. It may be warm and can potentially cause chafing but it can protect your feet from anything and everything. Perforated boots are great with vintage, bohemian, or hippie wardrobe. These are perfect when it’s humid and steamy outside because of the ventilation the perforation affords. Stay fashionable by choosing colourful boots with fringes or buckles.

2. Sandals

Flat sandals and gladiators never run out of style in music festivals. These are perfect for hot summer weather because it’s cool, airy, and comfortable. These pair well with any wardrobe and add attractive and strong femininity to any getup, minus the heels. Open-toe sandals are great for events by the beach or the pool. Choose colourful or sparkly ones to pair with brightly coloured crop tops. These are a stylish and safer alternative to going barefoot.

3. Slip-ons

These are easy to wear and are ultimately comfortable. It comes in many different designs and colours and goes well with most music festival attire. It is perfect for normal summer weather. A great example is Birkenstock, a sensible slip-on that comes in different colours, straps, and shape. It pairs well with whatever you wear. Flip-flops are not the best choice because it can cause chafing in between your toes and it can easily get stuck and cause you to trip.

4. Sneakers

These complete any wardrobe. Aside from adding a cool a fashionable vibe to your getup, it also provides the comfort you need for all the walking, standing, dancing, and stomping you plan to do. It protects your feet from the sun during the day and from the cold during the night. Sneakers are perfect for any weather and for most locations where there’s no water that might soak it. Because when sneakers get soaked, it can leave your feet smelly.

Having painless feet is the key to enjoying music festivals to the fullest. When your feet are happy, you’re always on the go. You can walk, stand, dance, jump, and stomp from sunrise to sundown without having to worry about blisters and splints.

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The Unbelievable Preparations that Go into a Music Festival

the-unbelievable-preparations-that-go-into-a-music-festivalBeyond the brill things worth remembering that happen in a music festival, painstaking and crazy preparations are done by the organizers behind the event. It’s a massive production effort that includes a lot of logistic planning and execution. Here are some of the most challenging but impressive preparations that happen behind the scenes.

Stage Design, Sound Selections, Budget, and Booking

The most popular activity that happens in the music festival is the presence of the bands. This involves budget, booking schedules of each participating band, profit sharing decisions, and a wide array of selection of sounds. This also includes the production setup and provisions for amplifiers and other music equipment.

Creating a Buzz

Gaining a cultic following and establishing a musical tradition is one of the common routes that a music festival takes. This involves generating enough buzz on social media and other channels so that people can get to know about the event.

Staff and Volunteer Management

The people doing the legwork also involves massive management skills for the organizer. How many freebies do volunteer workers get, how much will the official staff be paid, and how do they all work together to form a cohesive whole?

The Authority for Quick Decisions

During the event, there will be quick decisions that have to be made. Not all circumstances can be planned. Deciding on who has the authority to make these quick decisions on the spot is also important.

Physically Preparing the Venue with Lawn Mowing

The grass will not trim itself, for sure. There are also schedules for cleaning the stage area, lawn mowing, and other physical preparations days, weeks, or even months before the event. Since music festivals take place in large open areas, commercial grade lawnmowers are used to trim the grass. If you’re curious about what these types of lawnmowers can do, read Husqvarna zero turn mower reviews for more information.


The thing that makes music festival performances gain an iconic status in the hearts of music lovers is the ability to share the experience to their friends. This means that organizing includes a very systematic way to document the event. This is also an effective way to show other people the level of fun that they are missing and then possibly entice them to join in the next music festival.

Most hard and worthy things take a lot of work, and a music festival is no exception. And when the full brunt of your hard work ends, the musical fun begins!

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Top 5 Simple Tricks to Recover from that Big Party

There once was a day when there was no need to seek recovery after a big night of partying, when your body bounced back as if the party didn’t even happen. For many people, those days of youthfulness are sorely missed, even if they aren’t far gone.

Unfortunately, after a big party, the hangover won’t be your only bodily concern, but also the sleep deprivation that accompanies a late night of partying.

Luckily for you, there are simple tricks to lead your body to a speedy recovery.

1. Get Sufficient Beauty Sleep

This may be obvious for some people, but other people might try to continue on with life as if the party didn’t even happen. It’s important to not short cut your body on those few extra hours of shut eye since it will help to replenish and rejuvenate your body’s energy supply, as well as ease the symptoms of a hangover. Of course, to make this happen it is important to have a bed that’s comfortable. If you aren’t sure what is the best mattress, make use of the internet. You’d be amazed with the recommendations that bloggers and sleep experts make.

2. Get the Right Amount of Sleep

On one hand, it’s important to restore your body and get the amount of sleep it needs. On the other hand, you’ll only be doing yourself a disservice by overdoing it, and getting too much sleep.

If it’s afternoon when you’re finally getting out of bed, after getting more than enough sleep, you may feel groggy instead of rested, and like you should be crawling back into bed. This is like going back to square one. Oversleeping may make you feel like you haven’t slept at all.

Sleeping the day away after a big party may make it hard to get back to sleep at a reasonable time the following night, making it difficult to get your body back into a normal routine.

Instead of further indulging in impulses, try allowing yourself to only stay in bed until 10 or 11 a.m.

3. Essential Oils

Lavender oil is known to promote relaxation to allow your body to rest. Before going to sleep, try to remember to apply lavender oil to your temples, pillow, or somewhere near your head as you sleep. This can help your body to relax into the deep and restful sleep it is going to greatly need.

4. Rehydrate Before Bed Time

By replenishing your body’s water supply, your body won’t be as dehydrated, preventing the alcohol in your system from reeking even more havoc than it already has. This is also beneficial for once you wake up. If your unfortunate enough to suffer from vomiting and nausea after a long night of partying, drinking plenty of water throughout the night and before bed may help to lessen the effects of alcohol on your stomach.

5. Consider Fruit Before Bed

While it may be far from your mind, consider eating a piece of fruit before bed like watermelon, grapes, or apples, which are all high in a sugar known as fructose. This sugar aids your liver in detoxing the alcohol in your body. You will thank yourself later for that precaution since this will help to either avoid a hangover all together or lessen the effects of a hangover.

Cheerleader Heads The Singles Chart

omiJamaican singer Omar Samuel Pasley, known by his stage name OMI, released his single “Cheerleader.” This song proved to one among the amazing songs released this summer. This song is at the top of Billboard Hot 100 chart, consequently for a second week. This track has also beaten The Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel My Face” which was a hit song and has all the capability to have the 1st place in the charts. But, there is a great chance for The Weeknd to hit the No. 1 place soon, as The Weeknd’s other single track “The Hill” is also a great hit and has entered the charts. But, the only thing that is keeping it from getting the first place is the “Cheerleader”.

omi1“Cheerleader was written and produced by C.Dillon and OMI. This is a reggae song that entered the charts for the top spot in Hawaii and Jamaica. Later, Felix Jaehn, a German producer released the track by Ultra Music at the end of 2014. The original track was remixed by him and then released. The remixed version became quite popular and found its way into a number of charts, including Sweden and the United Kingdom. This track had topped numerous European charts before it entered into Billboard Top 100.

The track had sold 1,000,000 copies in the United States of America and Germany; it became gold certified. Finally, it got the number one spot on the Billboard top 100 at the end of the week, which was July 18th of the year 2015. “Cheerleader” sold more copies that it was expected in 1st week after it topped the charts. This happened majorly due to policy changes in the charts which made the track stay in the first place for eleven days. The song also made its way to the second place on Streaming Songs chart and the sixth position on Radio Songs chart.

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