Cheerleader Heads The Singles Chart

omiJamaican singer Omar Samuel Pasley, known by his stage name OMI, released his single “Cheerleader.” This song proved to one among the amazing songs released this summer. This song is at the top of Billboard Hot 100 chart, consequently for a second week. This track has also beaten The Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel My Face” which was a hit song and has all the capability to have the 1st place in the charts. But, there is a great chance for The Weeknd to hit the No. 1 place soon, as The Weeknd’s other single track “The Hill” is also a great hit and has entered the charts. But, the only thing that is keeping it from getting the first place is the “Cheerleader”.

omi1“Cheerleader was written and produced by C.Dillon and OMI. This is a reggae song that entered the charts for the top spot in Hawaii and Jamaica. Later, Felix Jaehn, a German producer released the track by Ultra Music at the end of 2014. The original track was remixed by him and then released. The remixed version became quite popular and found its way into a number of charts, including Sweden and the United Kingdom. This track had topped numerous European charts before it entered into Billboard Top 100.

The track had sold 1,000,000 copies in the United States of America and Germany; it became gold certified. Finally, it got the number one spot on the Billboard top 100 at the end of the week, which was July 18th of the year 2015. “Cheerleader” sold more copies that it was expected in 1st week after it topped the charts. This happened majorly due to policy changes in the charts which made the track stay in the first place for eleven days. The song also made its way to the second place on Streaming Songs chart and the sixth position on Radio Songs chart.

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