Going to a Music Festival? Make Sure You Choose the Right Footwear!

going-to-a-music-festival-make-sure-you-choose-the-right-footwearIt’s time for music festivals where comfort trumps fashion. While the aesthetic appeal is important, bear in mind that functionality and comfort will benefit you more when you start walking around, standing for long hours, and jumping with glee.

When choosing the right footwear for attending a music festival, the first consideration is the location and the weather. You’ll need different footwear for when the festival is indoors or outdoors, and when it’s sunny or rainy.

The second consideration is practicality. Will you be walking from station to station? Will it be held in a large field of grass, a sandy plain, or a muddy slope? You need to choose what not slip off your feet and what would make walking, dancing, standing and stomping all a breeze. If you are flatfooted, a little on the heavy side, or need extra arch support, invest in good shoes for plantar fascitis.

Choosing the Right Footwear for a Music Festival

1. Boots.

Rubber boots go well with anything and are perfect for possibly rainy weather, mud pits, and dusty grounds. It may be warm and can potentially cause chafing but it can protect your feet from anything and everything. Perforated boots are great with vintage, bohemian, or hippie wardrobe. These are perfect when it’s humid and steamy outside because of the ventilation the perforation affords. Stay fashionable by choosing colourful boots with fringes or buckles.

2. Sandals

Flat sandals and gladiators never run out of style in music festivals. These are perfect for hot summer weather because it’s cool, airy, and comfortable. These pair well with any wardrobe and add attractive and strong femininity to any getup, minus the heels. Open-toe sandals are great for events by the beach or the pool. Choose colourful or sparkly ones to pair with brightly coloured crop tops. These are a stylish and safer alternative to going barefoot.

3. Slip-ons

These are easy to wear and are ultimately comfortable. It comes in many different designs and colours and goes well with most music festival attire. It is perfect for normal summer weather. A great example is Birkenstock, a sensible slip-on that comes in different colours, straps, and shape. It pairs well with whatever you wear. Flip-flops are not the best choice because it can cause chafing in between your toes and it can easily get stuck and cause you to trip.

4. Sneakers

These complete any wardrobe. Aside from adding a cool a fashionable vibe to your getup, it also provides the comfort you need for all the walking, standing, dancing, and stomping you plan to do. It protects your feet from the sun during the day and from the cold during the night. Sneakers are perfect for any weather and for most locations where there’s no water that might soak it. Because when sneakers get soaked, it can leave your feet smelly.

Having painless feet is the key to enjoying music festivals to the fullest. When your feet are happy, you’re always on the go. You can walk, stand, dance, jump, and stomp from sunrise to sundown without having to worry about blisters and splints.

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