Churches A True Blend Of Spirituality And Pop

singing in church

Spirituality blended with the pop can take music to new heights but only when it is in the right dose. Temple of Youth is a new band that has understood this technique and has come up with an innovative song named Churches. By the name of it many may skip this song, but it is advised to try it out. It would be worth it with the Winchester duo Jo Carson and Paul Gumma combining to create thoughtful pop hours coexisting with cinematic hallucination. The song is a must try for those who love pop and spirituality. So if you thought you will let go of this temptation, wait until you listen to it. It is worth every second spent.

The duo has already uploaded a few songs onto Soundcloud, but Churches is their very own venture comprising of self-released stuff that is available for download. Churches talks of Jo’s experiences on how she was treated by a group who initially welcomed her but become hostile when they knew about her completely. This made Jo think of the terrible murder of Jo Cox, British MP. The realization dawned on her that despite divided there is a lot in common among us. The words that reverberated following the murder of Jo Cox had a lot to be understood. The clarity to see the world from a new perspective could make it a better place to live in.

churchJo Carson feels that with entertainers, artists and musicians, the world will be a great place to live in. The receipts from downloads of Churches will be dedicated to a good cause. The money will be donated to the Equality Florida. A live show will be launched at Guildford Boiler Room in support of Declan McKenna. The show will be conducted on 22nd June. The Temple of Youth is a growing band, and the show is sure to be a rocker. ‘Churches’ is available for download. The 3.41 minutes song weaves in the twilight hours to promote dreaminess. Before you skip the song to something else it is advised to give an ear to Churches, and it will sure captivate your soul.