Tips for Keeping Your Personal Belonging Secure When Attending a Music Festival

Summertime means music festival time! If you are into this type of event, you are probably excited about camping for several nights, enjoying music from various artists, drinking, and having a great time with friends. Thousands of people flock each year to various music festivals. However, not everyone is in for the music and fun, as others are there to take advantage of any opportunity that they can to steal items from the unsuspecting attendees. If you are planning to attend a music festival, here are some ways on how to keep your personal belongings secure.

1. Leave Valuables at Home

It’s best not to bring valuables that you will not really need to the music festival to prevent the risk of them being stolen. Don’t bring too much cash too. Just bring the amount that you’ll need. You won’t be spending much anyway, especially if you bring your own foods and drinks. It’s also best to leave those expensive jewelries at home.

2. Do Not Leave Anything Valuable in the Tent

It’s not safe to leave your things in the tent, even if you lock it. First, locking your tent will attract thieves as they will think that there’s something valuable that you’re keeping inside. Moreover, they can easily break in your tent by slashing it using a sharp item, so it’s not safe.

3. Pay for Lockers

If you end up bringing a valuable item in the festival, instead of leaving it in your tent, pay for a locker that’s usually being offered by the organizers. You may need to spend some money for this, but you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your item is secured.

4. Pitch Tent Near Restrooms

You may not want to pitch your tent near restrooms because of the amount of traffic around it and you don’t want to be disturbed. However, thieves are unlikely to attack if there are always a lot of people in the area as they could get noticed. Plus, these areas are also always well-lit. Moreover, security personnel are also usually stationed near these places.

5. Be Friendly

Aside from the great music, you’ll also have the chance to meet new people in the music festival. Doing this will also help in securing your stuff. If you make friends with others, especially with the people next to your tent, they are more likely to look after your tent and you should also do the same.

6. Do Not Flash Your Money or Gadgets

Doing this will only attract bad people as they know that they can get something from you. As mentioned in the previous tips, don’t bring too much money or valuables that you won’t really need. It’s best that they are kept safe at home.

7. Keep Your Money and Phone Secure While Watching the Concert

While watching the concert and enjoying the music, you might forget about your wallet or phone. Do not tuck them in your back pocket as they can be easily taken without your knowledge. You may also want to invest in the best men’s travel wallet that can secure both your money and phone. Secure it in your front pocket or get one that you can strap on your wrist.

Aside from securing your things from thieves, you should also secure them from the changing weather. Find waterproof wallet, phone case, etc. so you don’t have to worry about your things in case it rains.

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